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A novel super-resolution reconstruction algorithm with high quality based on self-learning for a single image
OUYANG Tian, JIANG Xianyang,
2024, 41(5):1-10. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0216
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A noise reduction method of low-dose CT images based on feature fusion
RAN Ruisheng, ZHANG Siwen, LI Jin, FANG Bin,
2024, 41(5):11-21. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0279
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An unsupervised hash retrieval algorithm based on feature co-occurrence
ZHANG Qinglu, CHEN Yihua,
2024, 41(5):22-30. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0289
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A fast reconstruction algorithm for outdoor disocclusion based on neural radiance field
HOU Lipei, CHEN Yihua,
2024, 41(5):31-39. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0290
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A 3D target detection algorithm for detecting vehicles based on binocular vision
TAO Yang, TANG Xinling,
2024, 41(5):40-48. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0102
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A fault-tolerant scheduling algorithm for space multi-core operating systems
WANG Yusi, YANG Hua, XU Jian,
2024, 41(5):49-56. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2024.0082
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Chinese event extraction method based on ABBSAC model
CHEN Quanlin, JIA Jun, FAN Shuo,
2024, 41(5):57-66. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0292
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The multi-type DAG task scheduling method based on communication overhead
HAO Pengtao, XIAO Feng, HUANG Shujuan, ZHANG Wenjuan, CHEN Wenqi, ZUO Junjie,
2024, 41(5):67-75. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0135
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A real-time analysis method of CAN-TSN gateway based on joint planning
WANG Sha, YANG Hui, LI Tao, LI Chenglong, LI Junnan, WANG Baosheng,
2024, 41(5):76-87. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0157
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Intrusion detection method based on improved ConvLSTM
LIANG Yongheng, LIU Yi,
2024, 41(5):88-98. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0278
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Language identification based on joint decision of nonlinear spectrograms
DUAN Yun, SHAO Yubin, LONG Hua, DU Qingzhi,
2024, 41(5):99-108. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0298
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Design of tensor core based on "Ventus" GPGPU
SHI Yujie, YANG Kexiang, LIU Xudong, HE Hu,
2024, 41(5):109-116. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0214
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A DEM design with balanced area and randomness
HAN Zhiyi, LI Bowen, YANG Mengtao, GAO Kai, MA Shang,
2024, 41(5):117-126. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0267
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A functional test method of Ethernet PHY chip based on ZYNQ MPSOC
LI Rui, WAN Wang, JIAO Meirong, ZHANG Dayu, ZHANG Song, WANG He, LIANG Peizhe,
2024, 41(5):127-133. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2024.0177
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Total ionizing radiation effects of low dose in Trench N-Channel MOSFET
XU Haiming, TANG Xinyu, XU Zheng, LIAO Yuanbao, ZHANG Qingdong, XIE Rubin, HONG Genshen,
2024, 41(5):134-139. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0189
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Design of a low offset operational amplifier based on bias current compensation
LI Hongpin, YANG Fashun, MA Kui,
2024, 41(5):140-146. DOI:10.19304/J.ISSN1000-7180.2023.0314
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